From Failure

To FulFillment

With a path that has been anything but linear, his journey has lead him from a Training Officer in the Marine Corps nearly two decades ago, through roles as a Sales Director and C-Suite Leader, to his current role as an Executive Mentor, Author, and Speaker. 

Who Is

Jerry Howard

Despite accumulating failures, the unwavering call to guide and inspire transformation in others has remained constant. As I navigated some of life’s darkest valleys due to my own poor decisions, I found solace in the continual revelation of God, who carried me through crises both in business and life.

This journey has crystallized my mission, my Missio Dei: to share the Gospel of Jesus and utilize my own challenges to help others recognize their innate potential and their value to the Divine. I encourage individuals to embrace their “Failure Resume” and find liberation from the confines of perfectionism. My speaking and coaching engagements span faith, leadership, healthcare, and business management – domains where my passion thrives.

I’m the Founder of the iNTREPiD iMPACT Team, a comprehensive leadership coaching and business consulting agency. As a member of GiANT London’s Elite Consulting Team, my core expertise lies in Executive Performance Coaching, where I equip leaders with the tools necessary to cultivate highly effective and emotionally intelligent teams. I also derive immense satisfaction from collaborating with business owners on strategy development and execution, facilitating business expansion, and harnessing industry opportunities.

In previous executive roles, I held the position of Board-Certified Healthcare Administrator, successfully overseeing the operation of multiple post-acute rehabilitation centers specializing in neurological, cardiovascular, and orthopedic care across Virginia. Furthermore, as the President of American Light, LLC, a SWaM and SDVOSB certified Class A VA Contractor, I’ve further demonstrated my acumen in diverse business domains.

Above all, my primary objective is to rekindle faith in leadership. Armed with an MBA and LNHA, I strive to embody this mission throughout my professional endeavors, all rooted in the unshakable foundation of my faith and guided by principles derived from God’s Word.





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