Elevate Your Leadership
Skills With

Elevate Your Leadership Skills With

Jerry Howard International

If you are a corporate executive looking to transform your leadership style and cultivate high-performing teams, then Jerry Howard International is the ideal partner for you. 

Headed by Jerry Howard, a distinguished Executive Mentor, Author, and Speaker, our mission is to assist you in refining your leadership capabilities. Our approach is supported by the expertise of the iNTREPiD iMPACT Team. The iiT specialists are proficient in fostering strong relationships and are committed to developing ‘leaders worth following’ and yielding results.

Our Services

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of corporate executives who understand that effective leadership extends beyond management to the realms of inspiration and empowerment. For those who incorporate their faith into their professional journey, we provide faith-based services as a standalone offering in our suite of products.

The challenges plaguing the corporate sphere today include unbalanced leadership and suboptimal team performance. These issues don’t merely impact productivity and culture but also contribute to a lack of trust within the organization. Jerry Howard International is here to counter these challenges. We provide you with the tools and training to enhance your leadership skills, empowering you to drive your company to its maximum potential. 

Executive Consulting from

A Proven Business Leader

Jerry Howard is a distinguished executive mentor, author, and speaker who founded the iNTREPiD iMPACT Team, a leadership and business consulting agency.

With a background in the United States Marine Corps and as a Board-Certified Healthcare Executive, Jerry’s expertise lies in C-Suite performance enhancement, business strategy, and corporate growth – all guided by his faith in God and a mission to restore trust in leadership.

Experience Beyond The Classroom

Our Success Metrics are tied to your

Our Success Metrics are
tied to your

Key Performance Indicators

Ensuring that our goals align with your objectives, we perform quarterly assessments, comparing your team’s performance against the baseline initially established. 

The implications of not engaging our services include high staff turnover, inflated training costs, leaders who are constrained within the business and unable to grow, and team members not fully utilizing their skills due to misalignment of roles and strengths. 

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Conversely, when you choose Jerry Howard International, you can expect a transformative shift within your organization. 

Executives will unlock their ability to steer the company and teams at peak capacity, discovering their authentic leadership voice. Your leaders will become individuals others aspire to emulate, with a keen awareness of their vulnerabilities and the ability to improve communication and collaboration, in turn enhancing overall team performance.

This is not just a promise

Our existing clients consistently report a significant increase in their assessment performance, often Ranging From 68-81%
Our existing clients consistently report a significant increase in their assessment performance, often Ranging From 68-81%

Commence this

Transformative Process

Simply engage our services via email or through our online form. You will receive an expedited response and subsequent detailed evaluation based on your company’s size, industry, location, and goals. 

As a value-added offering, we provide a complimentary 45-minute leadership audit. This risk-free audit will identify your leadership strengths and areas of greatest opportunity.

Once You've

EngageD Our Services

We’ll start with an exhaustive company and team assessment, identifying areas of opportunity and implementing suitable tools. 

Our goal is always a long term strategic partnership, and perhaps even a friendship, but we encourage an initial engagement with our series of interactive keynotes, team workshops, or a facilitated executive retreat. 

Complimentary Business Audit

Complete the form below to secure your complimentary business audit and assessment. Upon submission, our team will reach out to schedule a personalized consultation with Jerry Howard. This invaluable audit will provide clarity on your company’s current position and illuminate the path to achieving your desired goals. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights tailored to elevate your business.